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  Avslutade arrangemang/projekt
Progress of infrastructure
Juli Hästekas bought
Juli Water and electricity installed
Aug First toilet installed
Aug Broadband internet installed
Aug Two four man huts arrive
Aug Old work barrack arrives, inteded for workshop
Sept Terrace garden prepared
Sept Tractor works and plowing tried
Sept Start of building a walking bridge to the south field
Sept Bridge over the stream constructed
Sept Stream cleared and dam prepared
Oct Trees felled, areas cleared
Oct Production of wood for stove
Oct Rock removed for road to upper wood
Nov Floor on level 2
Chimney sweeped
Dec Forestry
Jan Cold
Feb Shower finsihed
March Pool prepared
April Chicken house built
May Field prepared for planting
June Walls to workshed, pool down
July Nordic Deep 40 visitors
Aug Sauna building started
Sept Greenhouse building started
Oct Parking place finshed
Nov Drainage of fields and dams built
Dec Cleared forest
Jan Fell tree, prepared logs
Feb Shed for firewood
March Shepshed finished
August 2010
14 Yogis met for 5 days of Yoga and vegetarian food.

Lecture on "wild food"
Hatha and kundaliniyoga.
Awareness and meditation exercises.
Sea excursions.

Sessions at 7, 11,16 and 20 every day.
15 Danish freedivers visited for three days of freediving
Annual elk hunting

Even though many people visiting Hästekas are vegetarians, there is every year a good opportunity to understand hunting.

Controlling the waterrflow, saving water for dry periods.
7 (oops) 6 chickens.
25 fruittrees planted
600 m2 prepared earth for conventional agriculture.
Roof to the barn finished
Roof at entrance finished
Wood cutting station finished
Three beehives in place and busy as bees...
Shed for firewood
Windshed on seaviewmountain